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DBS Check Prices

We currently help a lot of companies in the United Kingdom providing DBS Disclosures for people employed to work with children and/or vulnerable adults.


The below rates apply for the relevant solutions currently offered by DBS Checks For You



Disclosure Barring Service Fee

Standard Disclosure


Enhanced Disclosure


Voluntary Position


ISA Adult First Check





DBS Check

£8.99 per disclosure

ISA Adult First Check

£1.99 per disclosure


All prices are exclusive of VAT and will be charged at the prevailing rate. VAT Rates apply only to the administration cost.

Important DBS Check Notice

In the event that an application will be incomplete or perhaps information missing and the Disclosure and Barring Service calls for re-submission for you or your candidate then an additional administration fee will apply at a rate of £5. 99 plus VAT at the prevailing rate for each disclosure.

To prevent this, please complete the form thoroughly and complete the additional form we deliver as well as the Disclosure and Barring Service Application. You should include all information requested.


We will only process DBS checks once payment has been received. We accept the following types of payment

  • Cheque
  • Postal Order
  • BACS

If you are unsure as to what level of disclosure you require please contact us now to discuss your needs, or for more information complete our enquiry form.

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