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The need to complete a DBS check report on potential new personnel is becoming increasingly more common amongst employers, especially those that care for children, the elderly or vulnerable adults and legal and financial firms dealing with highly private documents.

If your business, charity or voluntary organisation requires DBS check reports on new staff then you would be recommended to contact DBS Check 4U

We help an array of customers including nursing and care homes, schools, nursery schools, doctors and dentists surgeries, medical centres, solicitors, financial services providers and many more. The team here are viewed by several organisations as one of their most valuable assets within their recruiting system.

To get a DBS check, follow the following steps:

  • The employer gets an application form from the DBS or from DBS Check 4U
  • The employer gives the applicant the form to fill in and return to them along with documents proving their identity.
  • The employer sends the completed application form to DBS Check 4U.
  • The DBS sends a certificate to the applicant. The employer will have to ask the applicant to see the certificate.
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