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volunteer DBS Check

Volunteers are eligible for a free volunteer DBS check with just an administration fee to pay. Because of this all volunteer requests must be checked to ensure the position is a volunteer position.

What is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is anyone who performs any activity which involves spending time helping people and is:

  • Not being paid (Apart from for travel and any other out of pocket expenses)
  • Doing a task which aims to benefit an individual or group other than the person performing the task
  • Not only looking after a close relative.

However there are some exceptions to the above, a Work Experience person, trainee and student teachers are not categorised as volunteers.

Volunteering and helping other people is a noble thing to do, and here at DBSCheck4U we agree with the Disclosure and Baring Services philosophy.  Volunteers should not have to pay for their volunteer DBS check, and why should they when they are helping others, in turn we should help them.

“I volunteer at our village school to help with the children’s knowledge and learning experience, thanks to DBS Check 4U I was able to get a free volunteer DBS check”
Sarah, Bristol

How Can I Tell If I Can Get A Volunteer DBS Check?

Of course the classification of what role constitutes as a volunteer is open to interpretation, for this reason if you believe you are entitled to a free volunteer DBS check then please contact us, with the following information:

  • Employer name and address
  • Employer registered charity number if available
  • The job title / job position
  • Details of any wages / expenses you will receive.

With the above information we will be able to ascertain if a volunteer DBS Check is available to you.  Contact us by calling 01323 729 922 or by using our enquiry form.

“I love my role as a scout master, without the help of DBS Check 4U I would not have been able to complete the volunteer DBS check form, they were polite and very helpful.”
Dave, Northampton

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