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Once you have submitted your DBS application with all the relevant documents to us, we then check for any errors and submit the paperwork to the Disclosure & Barring Service. Once received the process can take between 2 weeks to in extreme circumstances 7 months.  This is referred to as the “DBS Check Waiting Time”.

This means the DBS Check waiting time is between 2 weeks to 7 months but on average it takes approximately 1 month

There are a number of factors that dictate how long the process will take, some of these are listed below:

  • Number of addresses lived at
  • Number of convictions and their locations
  • Current workload of the Disclosure & Barring Service

But don’t worry, if you are concerned about the length of time it is taking to process your DBS application then contact us on 01323 729 922 or use our contact form and we may be able to track your application through the DBS system.

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