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DBS Checks In The News

The newly hired chairman of Neath Chamber of Trade has resigned after revealing he was a registered sex offender.

The chairman has been convicted twice of creating indecent images of children, in 2009 and again recently in 2011.

He was appointed chairman of the group in November 2013, but has now quit after revealing his full name was Gareth John Mathias, originally from Llanelli.


Deputy chairwoman Bernadette Davies has now been chosen to replace him. In an official statement, she said:

“The Neath Chamber of Trade is very saddened by recent revelations which have led to the resignation of Mr Mathias.”

“It was indeed not in the best interest of Neath or Mr Mathias for him to have stood for this role. I can confirm that his past convictions were revealed to the committee by Mr Mathias over the weekend and he was setting about to do the right thing in resigning and revealing the truth, when it reached the public domain. There is no duty to DBS check incumbent officers to this or any chamber of trade or commerce within the United Kingdom to date.”

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