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Welcome to the DBSCheck4u website. Here we provide you with information about the Disclosure and Barring Service Checks formally known as Criminal Record Bureau Checks (CRB Check) and what they entail.


We are a registered Umbrella Body for the Data and Barring service and because of this we are able to provide DBS checks at a standard or enhanced level. Offering a unique one stop shop for background screening through our thorough DBS screening processes we can ensure the suitability of any individuals for any given job position.


A check may be needed for certain jobs or voluntary positions, these can include things like positions where you will be working with children and another example would be working in health care and being around patients in your day to day work.


Another area you may need to get a check done is if you plan to foster or adopt a child in the future, these checks need to be done to ensure that your criminal history is investigated by the relevant agencies to ensure the applicant is suitable.


You are currently unable to run your own background check and it has to be done by your potential employer before they hire you, they are the ones who request the information to check into your background, you as a job candidate are not allowed to run your own check as this would be a conflict of interest.


The DBS Checking system came about after the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) and the ISA (Independent Safeguarding Authority) merged together on the 1st of December 2012, the disclosure and barring service is part of the Home office and offers background checks to the pulbic, private and voluntary sectors.

DBS Checks Announcement

Important DBSCheck4U Announcement

Due to the launch of the Disclosure and Barring Service, the paper application forms you have with the CRB logo will no longer be accepted. If you still have these forms please discard them and contact us for the new applications to be sent.

What organisations need to know…

If you run a Company, Charity or Voluntary Organisation, we can tell you how to get your company registered and how to get your employees DBS Checked simply and efficiently. Do you run an organisation? Well we can also tell you how you can receive great benefits using bulk discounts for your organisation.

Why do I need a check? I’m not a criminal!

Don’t panic! This is just a formality for most people and is purely a precautionary measure to ensure people are safe on their activities. The search is for RELEVANT records, so, for instance, there is also no need to worry if you want to work with children but have a speeding ticket!


For more information on DBS Checks and how they affect you please visit the Government DBS Service website or contact us using our contact form

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